Celebrating Lorne Whitby’s 70th Birthday with music and friends


Stage Seven 1968 (Dave Wilson, Lorne Whitby, Carl Watral, Pat Breen, Dave Stewart, Ed Pranskus, Bill Durst)

On Saturday, March 31, close to 100 family and friends gathered in a local pub to celebrate the 70th Birthday of Lorne Whitby, a long-time London musician. Some came from thousands of miles away to pay homage to their friend and fellow band mate.

NickPIn attendance was a virtual collection of anybody who was/is anybody in the London music scene over the past 50 years or so, including impresario Nick Panaseiko, Scene Magazine music editor John Sharpe and his brothers Paul and Fred, former Bluesman Review bassist Jim Chapman, former Stage Seven horn player Carl Watral and bassist Dave “Turtle” Stewart, former Techniques members Ken Thorne, George Attrill, and Bob Pugh, and many others.

Also on hand were friends and long-time fans of the local music scene like Wendy Kaelin, Bruce Monck, Jon Federation and many others.EdPranskusFiftyShades

Entertainment was provided by The David Priest Quartet (David Priest keyboards, Sandy McKay drums, Larry Ernewin bass and John Culjak guitar) and a blues trio consisting of Ed Pranskus on drums, Larry Benoit VandeMaele on guitar, and Jack Coveney on bass.

On hand were Lorne’s sons from Alberta and his mother Betty, a stalwart in the London music scene.

Old road stories and memories of gigs, former bands, and music venues, some of them now long gone, were shared and a good time was had by all.

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