Where Are All The BRT Mayoralty Candidates?


Now that Matt Brown has announced that he will not be running for Mayor this fall, BRT has lost one of its most vocal champions.

While others on council like Jesse Helmer have trumpeted the benefits of BRT in the face of growing opposition to the plan, none has publicly supported it quite as adamantly as Mayor Brown.

This brings me to a simple question: Where are all of the potential BRT candidates for Mayor?

Certainly, there can’t be any shortage of them. One only needs to examine their website http://shifthappens.ca/ to see the many names of would-be mayors. And a few hours spent on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will smoke them out should anyone have the audacity to question the merits of BRT.

You know, social media bullies like Shawn Adamsson and Gary Brown who go for the jugular of anyone opposed to BRT, drowning them in a sea of facts and figures, statistics and case studies. And if that fails, they don’t hesitate to guide their attacks into ad hominem territory.


Don’t believe me? Go on Facebook or Twitter and post an anti-BRT statement and wait for it. Usually within five to ten minutes, one of them, usually Adamsson, will pounce like a well trained attack dog.

Indeed, their online attacks have probably turned off many Londoners and steered them away from BRT in disgust.

I would assume recent mayoralty candidate, Tanya Park, will pick up the torch of BRT, as she has spoken in support of it in the past.

But my challenge is to Adamsson and his Shift Happens pals: Put your money where your mouths are or back off.

And don’t insult people’s intelligence by hiding behind the argument that you’re not politically associated with the issue, as I have seen you do many times online.

In other words, put up, or shut up.

We’re waiting….

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