Review: Lisa Brandt’s Make The Media Want You


Got a charity fund-raising event coming up and you want to get some free publicity for it?

Got a book release scheduled for the local Chapters store and you want people to know about it?

Are you a member of a new band playing its very first show and you want to publicize it without spending any money?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, have a I got a book for you.

London media veteran Lisa Brandt has compiled a small, but very informative book, on how to make your pitch to the media about your event in Make The Media Work For You: An Insider’s Guide To Creating Persuasive Pitches.

Brandt pulls no punches in telling readers what to do and what not to do in pitching their events to the media.

In her Preface, she begins by stating: “We [media] don’t owe you airtime or an article.” This may not seem obvious to would-be pitchers, but it is the hard cold truth.

Brandt proceeds to tell her readers that media folks don’t have time to meet with pitchers to discuss their event.

But, probably the most important word of advice she gives is “Your idea needs a story,” in that it needs to teach something worth knowing, introduce listeners/readers to someone or something extraordinary, or bring a solution to a common problem.

In her first chapter, From Idea to Airtime, Brandt explains in blunt, straightforward language the art of putting together a successful pitch. Without giving away too many details, let’s just say that it involves timing, content and approach.


In the following chapters, Brandt includes advice from other broadcasters and media people, including Toronto broadcaster Erin Davis and London publisher Barb Botten, the lady behind the Villager publications.

She also covers Off-Site Events and Interviews. The latter is very informative as it explains how to prepare for an on-air interview and how to handle yourself while on-air.

This is a very informative book and it is written in Lisa Brandt’s signature witty conversational style.

It should be required reading for all publicists, event planners and artists/musicians interested in pitching their events.

Rick Young, July 9, 2018


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