October 22 can’t come soon enough for me


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for October 22 to come so this divisive municipal election campaign can finally be over.

I’m tired of the acronym BRT and all it represents.

I’m tired of BRT sucking up all the time, while other issues like poverty and homelessness take a backseat.

I’m tired of hearing the adjective “transformational.”

I’m tired of hearing some Mayoral candidates arguing over who has the most impressive business background and employment history, as if these were major prerequisites for the position.

I’m tired of hearing Paul Cheng’s godawful radio spot “Cheng for Change.”

I tired of hearing about election sign vandalism, phoney websites targeting female candidates, mysterious PR firms and election slates, and seemingly endless candidates’ meetings.

I’m tired of reading articles about how Ranked Balloting works and how it might impact the results of the October 22 election results.

But, more than anything else, I’m alarmed about how this election campaign has divided Londoners on the basis of class and income, age, place of residence and perceptions of the city past and present.

There may have been more acrimonious municipal election campaigns in London’s political history, but none that I can remember during my years voting  (1972 to present).

My major fear is that this campaign has turned off voters and may result in a poor turnout at the polls on October 22. This could be the worst outcome given the important issues at hand.

So, I can’t wait to cast my ranked ballot on October 22.

I hope you feel the same.



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