Are You Experienced? (1967) – Jimi Hendrix Experience

To be sure, no album had more of an influence on my musical career and tastes than Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 debut LP, Are You Experienced?

Considered to be one the greatest Rock albums of all time, the disc catapulted the young Seattle-born guitarist to fame. I still remember hearing Purple Haze and Foxy Lady for the first time and asking out loud, “Who the fuck is that?”

Manic Depression and Third Stone From The Sun completely blew my mind. Up until that time, I considered myself a pretty decent drummer. After hearing Mitch Mitchell’s thunderous, fill-laiden playing behind Hendrix’s soloing, I realized it was time to put in a lot more hours of practicing.

After hearing this album, we were all a little more experienced. I was lucky enough to see Jimi live at Maple Leaf Gardens in May, 1969. And, yes, he was that fucking loud!

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