Some thoughts about making New Year’s Resolutions

Well, for better or worse, it’s that time of year when many people make a list of New Year’s Resolutions.

As I have gotten older, I have all but stopped making New Year’s Resolutions. Not because I think it is a useless, futile exercise, but rather because I have chosen to continue doing the things that work for me in my daily life and reject those that do not.

The meme above pretty well captures how I feel about the coming year. I would add to the list to keep my mind active by continuing to be a life-long learner, something I have aspired to do throughout my life.

To be sure, given that I have never smoked, don’t drink or eat to excess and exercise regularly as time permits, I don’t see the need to make a list of transformative lifestyle changes in the New Year.

One thing I will commit myself to was prompted by a recent opinion piece in The Atlantic Magazine in which Abdullah Shihipar extolled the benefits of sending handwritten Notes of Thanks at years end to those individuals who had made his year better.

“I recap my interactions with the recipient that year, put my finger on what I appreciated, and say I’m grateful,” writes Shihipar.

You can access the article here:

I will let you know how I did in a future Blog.

If writing down some changes you would like to make in your life over the next twelve months is a cathartic exercise for you, soldier on. Just be realistic about what you can successfully accomplish.

Happy New Year! See you in 2023.

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