A great line about retirement

Best line I have read on the internet in a long time comes from Robert Reich, American professor, author, lawyer, political commentator and former US Secretary of Labor:

“Life is short. But retirement is not the end. It just means more time to do what you like and less of what you don’t.”

It reminds me of what I told my friends when I retired from a thirty-year teaching career in 2008: “I may be retiring from teaching, but I’m not retiring from life.” Not to say I did not enjoy my teaching career, I did. But, after thirty years in the classroom and on the playing field, it was time to move on.

Indeed, since retiring I have published an independent arts magazine, The Beat Magazine (2009-2013), written freelance for an advertising/marketing agency and numerous local publications (something I continue to this day), and put together the Program for Silver Spotlight Theatre’s production of Babes In Arms.

I have also travelled abroad with my partner Val Cavalini as much as finances and time will permit and spent plenty of time with my daughter’s family Hilary Peraza Young

My advice: Don’t view retirement as an end, but as an opportunity.

A while back, my daughter bought me a baseball cap that reads “Retired, Not Expired.” I wear it with pride.

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