100 Christmas Songs from Worst to Best


“If you are on the Internet long enough, there comes a year when you will be forced to rank something. Now it is my time. So I am taking the liberty of going through the 100 holiday songs being foisted upon us everywhere and ranking them from Most Especially Heinous to Best. This is probably a good idea, and I feel fit and confident! I bet this will be an easy, pleasant process. I’m amazed I haven’t already compiled several lists just like this!” — Alexandra Petri, The Washington Post.

In light of the recent kerfuffle over Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Alexandra Petrie’s list is certainly very timely.

You may see songs you have forgotten about or you may see some that you’ve never heard of.

For example, I didn’t know there was a song called “I Farted on Santa’s Lap (Now Christmas Is Gonna Stink For Me).” I’m not sure I needed to learn this!

Feel free to identify your Best & Worst Christmas Songs in the Comments section.

Click on this Link to read Alexandra Petri’s List of Holiday Songs from Worst to Best Holiday Songs:





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